About Ayurveda

Our Brand :

With an Idea of effective nutritive supplements, goodness of natural ayurvedic herbs along with the combination of modern medicine technology and extensive research, Vitawin aims to help you achieve your Health Goals and Natural Well-being

The passion for being sustainable and qualitative natural health alternatives makes Vitawin, An Alternative for the Winners.

Vitawin has a legacy for product research, uniqueness, wide range of satisfied customers and constant developments in making of sustainable green products which not only benefit the body but also the Energy, Soul and Mind. As the world is turning towards the Go Natural Be Fitter Trend, Vitawin is Your Perfect Companion in the Journey of to Be Fit, Beautiful and Healthy. Established in year 2009 Vitawin is always been committed to get its customers the Best of the Results from our Products. We wholesomely rely on giving away the goodness of herbs to provide the richness and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Vitawin supports Make in India Initiative and have all the appropriate ISO and FDA certifications for the purpose of Standardization, Purity and Safe to Consume.

History :

Ayurveda is not just an alternative source of medication, but much more than it. It is a Holistic Approach thought to be five thousand years old. Ayurveda not only emphasis on curing the ailments without any side effects but also helps identify the individual’s doshas and prakrutis like Pitta, Kapha and Vata.

Ayurveda is the founding step to identify your doshas and finding your way through to achieve the optimal state of mind and health.

Derived from the Sanskrit words Ayuh and Veda, it forms a beautiful meaning of “science of longevity”.

  • Know our inner self. (prakruti)
  • Develop our Strengths.
  • Identify our weakness.
  • Redirect the ailment related tendencies.
  • Maintaining balance of Healthy Body and Mind.

Thus Ayurveda is just not limited to taking herbal remedies and waiting for results, but it leads you to be an active participant in your own journey towards healing. like the 5 elements of nature Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ether and modern medicine techniques together Vitawin has brought Modern Science and Science of Life in a life changing combination to tackle various problems of today’s life and the lifestyle.

Our Product Range :

Vitawin has a diversified range of products for need of every individual. For various gym requirements now you can take natural supplements rather than artificial ones to avoid health risks.

For a wholesome detox there are antioxidants, weight management also not to forget the new mothers and mothers-to-be have a safe consumption friendly gynac care range, To manage the existing diabetes ailment, ever growing stress and lack on nutrient intake there are products in diabetic, stress management and vital care related products too.

Vitawin takes a pride to introduce to you its elite range of Beauty Products for Hair, Face and Nail which has natural extracts and decoctions with Swiss biotechnology.

Also Vitawin sells various OTC medicines and Pharmaceutical Medicines too. For More Products Let Us Help You While You SHOP with us.

What Makes Vitawin Reliable :

Vitawin strives to be honest, transparent and extremely dedicated towards the results, the customers expect from the products.

For the results and particular ailment to be healed from, Vitawin ensures maximum Natural Extracts in its purest form and prescribed quantities in each product.

With state-of-the-art techniques, adulteration is eliminated and concoctions of Right Herbs in Right Measurements are made.

The wide Product Range, Reliable Customer Base, Effective Ingredients listed on the products not only gives you a Choice but also helps you Choose.

For the potentials in you, Choose Vitawin to enhance them and be a Winner Yourself.

Customer Experience :

Vitawin aims at making A Life which is Sustainable, Fit and Healthy. Our loyal customer base is the key of our success in the mission of having A Fit and Ailment Free Body.

The #Goals Achieved stories of various customers not only make us overwhelmed but also make us move forward one step to developing more effective and new supplements and care products that benefit the consumers.

Vitawin also aims to make a Difference, and that is in its consumer’s lives and also The Mother Earth as it aims to be Green Business.

Vitawin hopes to bring wellness of health and joy to your homes through herbal remedies.

The valued experiences have made Vitawin to keep reinforcing the sense of mission and inspiring it to keep working on its dream to make A Comprehensive Ayurvedic Society.