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    Pippali; Piper longum also termed as long pepper is especially useful in respiratory problems. It encourages Broncho-dilation and improves blood circulation in lungs.

    Pippali increases the fire content of the body and an increased metabolic rate which works in burning of extra fats from the body. Pippali is also of great use in liver and spleen disorders.

    Packaging Available:     Capsules
    MRP :   149  INR
    • Excellent medicine for cough, asthma and hiccoughs.
    • Removes the unnecessary fat from the body.
    • Improves blood circulation in lungs.
    • Used to treat anemia
    • Beneficial in enhancing digestion and helps in removal of wastes from body.
    • It helps in detoxifying lung and kidney and cleaning the lymph glands.
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