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    Shatavari is the queen of herbs among all Ayurvedic medicinal plants. It taken in almost all menstrual problems including amenorrhea and dysmenorrheal. The herb is very helpful in treating leucorrhoea (a white discharge). Shatavari is the unique product that can be used by females of all age. In teenage, it helps in producing quality female hormones and in adult, it helps in ovulation and fertilization.

    Packaging Available:   60  Capsules
    MRP :   129  INR
    • Reduced breast milk secretion in nursing women.
    • Menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms.
    • Pelvic inflammatory disease
    • General debility
    • Sexual debility
    • Poor reproductive system
    • Low female libido
    • Inflammatory conditions, especially genito-urinary
    • Intestinal and gall bladder infections
    • Weak response to sexual stimuli
    • Depression, nervousness and anxiety
    • Conditions that require overall female body enhancement.
    • Shatavari supports reproductive health by toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs
    • Shatavari maintains healthy hormonal balance
    • Shatavari treats PMS symptoms by relieving pain and controlling blood loss during menstruation.
    • Shatavari supports normal production of breast milk for nursing mothers
    • Shatavari relieves menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. By producing estrogens it makes up for low estrogen levels in women who are menopausal or have had hysterectomies or oophorectomies
    • Used in India as a best-known and most often-used herb for women
    • Shatavari supports normal function of the immune and digestive system
    • Shatavari also increases libido
    • Used internally for infertility, loss of libido, threatened miscarriage, menopausal problems.
    • It nourishes the ovum and increases fertility.
    • The male reproductive syste

    Shatavari have galactagogue, antispasmodic, appetizer, cooling, tonic and aphrodisiac properties. It is a herb that regulates hormonal secretion. Shatavari acts as a galactagogue and is useful in promoting lactation. This herb is highly beneficial for the pregnant woman and the woman who want to conceive. It provides nourishment to the womb and supports the female organs for the pregnancy. Shatavari is extremely effective in improving the fertility. It regulates the ovulation and nourishes the female reproductive system. The herb increases the blood to the female genitalia and also raises the sexual sensation. Shatavari is useful to maintain the vaginal lubrication and sensitiveness.


    One capsule, twice a day, before meals.

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