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    Guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia medicinal herb is a health rejuvenator. It is extensively known for its effective in improving natural immunity and body resistance. It gives strength to fight against a number of diseases such as fever, jaundice, skin diseases, constipation, tuberculosis, and leprosy. It is a blood purifier and general debility enhancer. It is an effective immuno-stimulant


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    • In recurring infections act as immunomodulator.
    • Poor immunity and body weakness.
    • Helps in treating liver disorders and  act as a hepatoprotective, in case of hepatitis.
    • In relieving the problems of arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory property.
    • As an adjuvant for individuals undergoing chemotherapy.


    • Guduchi is strong immunostimulant and its having immune-promoting qualities which help in cancer.
    • Guduchi is an excellent herb to take as an immune booster and general tonic. It increases body energy level.
    • It having anti-microbial property which inhibits growth of microorganisms in body. This boosts body resistance to diseases.
    • This wonder herb helps immensely in diseases of joints like arthritis and gout.  Guduchi helps to purify blood and expel the toxins which are circulating in it; because of this property it is useful in gout to control blood uric acid level.
    • Due to aphrodisiac properties it increases sperm count and sperm motility. It help in conditions like

    Guduchi helps in increase the body's own defence mechanism. Guduchi having ability to impart youthfulness, vitality and longevity to the human body. it also increases strength. It is well known as a greatest herb for clearing the micro-circulatory system and other bodily channels. Guduchi is also used for treating gout, malaria, fevers, neurological diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, vomiting, diabetes, syphilis, excessive thirsty, menorrhagia, and it stops bleeding after child birth.



    One capsule, twice a day, after meals.

    * Children may find it difficult to swallow capsules. Hence, it is recommended only at 14 years and above.


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