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    The plant Tribulus Terrestris, known as gokshura in ayurveda, has innumerable medicinal properties. Herbal remedy gokshura contains natural aphrodisiac properties and promotes proerectile function. Gokshura is useful in depressed libido and erectile dysfunction.


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    • Depressed libido
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Kidney stones
    • Recurrent Urinary tract infections
    • painful/ burning micturition
    • Kidney dysfunction
    • improves vitality


    • Gokshura increases male hormone testosterone which increases strength of muscles.
    • It is also provide energy and stamina
    • Gokshura helps maintain efficient kidney and urinary functions and reduces renal discomfort.
    • It is also a strong herb for low libido and most highly it used as uro-genital tonic . It is used for sexual dysfunction in both; males and females .it is also longer orgasms and climaxes
    • Gokshura can also lower cholesterols levels in bloodstream and it has potential antioxidant properties. 
    • Gokshura helps in protecting heart from cardiac diseases



    Gokshura improves the sexual desire and drive, and subsequently improves the sexual performance. It increases strength of muscles. Gokshura increases male hormone testosterone.  Gokshura strengthen the muscles. It cleanses the bladder and boosts the resistance of bladder to infection. This property is very useful in treating cystitis. Gokshura acts as a very effective aphrodisiac. Its having a property of boosting testosterone level which help to increase erection, sperm count and sperm motility. It increases libido and helps in rectifying male impotence


    One capsule, twice a day, after meals.


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