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    Sto-Nil having strong action in kidney stone. It dissolves kidney stone and prevents formation of stone. It prevents the accumulation; deposition and super saturation of calculogenic chemicals like oxalic acid and calcium hydroxyproline in urine and there by prevent stone formation.

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    MRP :   159  INR
    • For the prevention and treatment of kidney stone, including calcium and oxalate stones, calcium and phosphate stone and uric acid stone.
    • Presence of crystal in urine
    • Prevention of recurrent of stones
    • For dissolving the kidney stone naturally
    • Kidney trouble, nephritis, renal colic
    • Vitakidstone improve and maintains the kidney health.
    • It having and dissolves all type of kidney stones.
    • It having PH-renormalizing actions and maintain the PH of urine
    • It potent prevents the formation of kidney stone and dissolver kidney stone
    • It having anti microbial and anti inflammatory action so relives symptoms of pai and burning
    • It having  demulcent action, spasmolytic actions and anti oxidant action so it improve renal issue anti-oxidant and cell membrane integrity and prevent  reoccurrence of stone
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