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    Rhumex Oil
    • Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthri
    • Arrest the osteoporotic degeneration.
    • Useful in joint pain, sprain and low backach
    • Reduce the tenderness of joints, Relive pain, selling and stiffness
    • No side effect, thus no ulcers.
    Packaging Available:  

    50 ml

    MRP :   89  INR
    • Experience local or generalized body pains
    • Inflammation in joints and muscles
    • General function disorders of the muscles, nerves, ligaments
    • Pain in the joints
    • Tenderness of bones
    • Pain due to bone degeneration
    • Stiffness and pain whenmoving or working
    • Anti-inflammatory and anti arthritic
    • Analgesic properties relax muscless and tendons around the joints, thus effecting pain relief
    • Arrest osteoporo tic degeneration
    • Provides fast, sysptoma tic relief
    • Useful in joint pain, sprain and lowbackace
    • Reduces tenderness of joints
    • Relives pain, swelling and stiffness
    • Arrests progressive deterioration
    • Very effective in joint pains, Arthritis and Gout
    • Useful in sciatica, osterarthritis 8z- lumbago.
    • Eliminates toxins that impact healthe joint function.
    • Removes excess vita from the joints nerves and muscles.
    • No side effects, thus no ulcers.
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