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    • Vacha, also known as Acorus calamus, is a stimulating nervine antispasmodic, and a general tonic to the mind.
    • It is a support for the nervous system.
    • Vacha is a support for the nervous system.
    • It is helpful in many other problems like loss of appetite, gas trouble and sluggishness of the liver.
    • It supports physical and mind strength to fight with daily life stress and tension.
    • Vacha is used for the promotion of memory.
    • The powder of Vacha and white sandal makes a face-pack for blemishes and pimples.
    Packaging Available:     Capsules
    MRP :   149  INR
    • Helps to maintain healthy state of mind.
    • Helps to extract extra Water from body.
    • Helps to reduce pains in body.
    • Helps to enhance digestive fire.
    • Helps to destroy the worms in stomach.
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