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    We are among the largest Ayurvedic product manufacturer suppliers and exporter's
    Why PCD Franchise?
    Vitawin offers career opportunity in Pharma Franchise Marketing. We welcome you to enjoy the complete monopoly rights and establish yourself. We offer PCD Franchise or PCD Distributorship for wide range of products throughout India and abroad
  • "Be Your Own Boss." Become our partner and Lead the Way you always wanted to, instead of working for someone else
  • "Sharing Direct Profit From The Company." Dont Get all the profit despite for working so hard? Contact us and share direct profit for your hard work
  • "No Over head." With PCD Franchisee you do not have to report anyone, become IN-Charge of every steps you take
  • "No Inventory." You do not have to worry about Inventory, Associate with us Today
  • "Market On Your Own Convinence." Set your own timings and working hours. What else you require? You are free to work at your own convinence
  • "Earn More Margin." Earn Profit Margin like never before, What are you waiting for? Call us Today!
  • Why Us?
  • A wide range of Ayurvedic medicinal & OTC products.
  • Exclusive branded Ayurveda products for PCDpharma offering.
  • Product Efficiency and Reliability.
  • An Herbal Healthcare unit with FDA approved GMP Manufacturing Unit.
  • Having in-house Research and Development led by an enthusiastic research team.
  • Huge Production Unit with potent Production Capacities,Equipped with the latest machinery in pharmaceutical production.Employs state of art technology.
  • Ayurveda Company to have been granted, the International Certification in the form of ISO 9001 - 2000, G.M.P. and FDA Certifications.
  • Over 25 Vaidya’s and Doctors who provide training & consultation to doctors & patients.
  • Large Product Range,Over 200 Products including ,Patent medicines, and Food Supplements ,nutraceutical etc.
  • Experienced Professionals,Highly experienced and qualified doctors/ Vaidya’s direct the production of our drugs.
  • vitawin
    Happy to be your partner in Healthier Business
    Who Can Take PCD Franchisee ?
    The prospect of taking our company for PCD franchisee is a good in terms of commercial benefit. Being a PCD pharma franchise or pharma pcd company The following Person from ayurvedic pharma Marketing experience can take PCD franchisee : Franchisee
  • ASM, RSM,ZSM ETC. in any pharma company.
  • Ayurvedic doctor or vaid.
  • A company in distribution who want to start PCD franchisee.
  • Medical representative to start own PCD franchisee.
  • Minimum one dedicated Marketing person.
  • Registered ayurvedic Dealer.
  • Existing Marketing company in similar health care sector.
  • A group of sales person to start a PCD franchisee are welcome for sole Marketing and Distribution rights.
  • 200+ Destinations
    300+ Products
    500+ Associates
    " Benefits With Us "
    We provide Exclusive MONOPOLY rights to Propaganda cum Distributor (PCD franchisee).
    Attractive packaging & Presentation for Herbal ayurvedic medicines.
  • Blister pack
  • Bottle pack
  • Jar pack
  • Bulk pack
  • Sachet pack
  • Innovative & Effective Products range.
    Marketing Backup.
    Very Good and competitive business margin.
    Guaranteed Monopoly.
    Excellent service to our pharma franchise or pharma pcd distributor.
    Unmatched diversified range of products at reasonable cost for high business.Proven products variants :
  • Capsules
  • Oil
  • Balm
  • Ointment
  • Sachet etc
  • Promotional Material like :
  • All Over India Opportunity